Foods That Cause Acne

There are three processes within our bodies that work round the clock to help us stay healthy.  Appropriation refers to the consumption of food, water and air by our bodies. Assimilation refers to the digestion of food and absorption of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients from our food to build new cells. Eradication refers to the elimination of toxins and other waste materials from our bodies.

It is therefore evident that if we ingest less-than-healthy food and drink, it is likely to make our bodies and skin less healthy. The saying, “You are what you eat” certainly rings true.

Why Some Foods Cause Acne

The foods that cause acne are generally high-calorie but low in nutritive value. Sugary drinks, fast food and processed food are some of the most common foods that cause acne.

 These foods are high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. These high-GI foods increase blood sugar levels quickly causing insulin and IGF-1 levels to rise. This in turn stimulates the overproduction of sebum, causing skin inflammation and acne.

The diagram below explains how sugar and simple carbohydrates can cause acne:

Most Common Foods That Cause Acne

Fast food and processed foods also tend to be rather greasy, which hampers digestion. The low nutritive value of these foods will also mean that the body does not get to receive the minerals, protein and vitamins that is needed to build and repair body and skin cells. Your immune system is also weakened from the lack of nutrients, which in turn may result in an increase in acne lesions.

Fast food and processed food are also low in dietary fiber. They tend to remain in the digestive system for longer periods of time. Elimination of toxins and waste materials from the digestive system is hampered. The body may then proceed to eliminate toxins through the skin, causing acne lesions.

This triggers the body’s immune system to go into overdrive, sending white blood cells to combat the skin infection. This in turn may result in the formation of pus and cysts.

By understanding how the three processes of appropriation, assimilation and eradication work to keep your body and skin healthy, you will be able to draw up a list of foods that cause acne, and a list of foods that help acne. By replacing foods that cause acne with foods that help acne, you will be well on your way to acne-free skin.

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