Isotretinoin – Side Effects And Benefits

Is online isotretinoin safe?Isotretinoin is regarded as just about the most effective retinoid acne treatment. Isotretinoin is available as a gel or in the stronger oral form. It is marketed as Accutane, Roaccutane, Isotroin, Isotret and Isdiben, among others. Capsules are generally available only on prescription, although you can now buy isotretinoin with no prescription on the internet.

Isotretinoin is the best treatment available for treating severe acne that has not responded to conventional treatment or oral antibiotics. During the first seven to ten days, the acne can actually get worse.

You will see an improvement after six to eight weeks. Your doctor is likely to keep you on the prescription until all acne is gone. He or she will also monitor you closely during the first four months.

Once your acne is cleared up, your skin is likely to remain acne-free for a considerable time. About half of the patients who go on isotretinoin will suffer a relapse some time after the treatment is stopped.

The Benefits Of Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin is an anti-inflammatory agent derived from Vitamin A and works by reducing the size and activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin, which reduces the production of sebum. It prevents the glands from becoming blocked, so that bacteria are unable to thrive, and it reduces inflammation.  

Isotretinoin Side Effects

Isotretinoin has a number of side effects, which include

  • drying of the skin
  • aching joints and muscles
  • lip soreness and reddening
  • scaling of the skin
  • depression which has been associated with suicide

Note that you cannot use isotretinoin if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant as it can cause major deformities in the developing fetus. Should you require further treatment then at least eight weeks have to pass before you can start another course.

Oral isotretinoin also reduces skin healing and increases skin fragility so operations and laser treatment of the skin should be avoided for 6 months after stopping the drug. Women on isotretinoin should also avoid waxing.

Is Online Isotretinoin Safe?

There are now websites from which you can buy isotretinoin with no prescription. You just have to do a search on Google for the term “isotretinoin” and you’ll see a list of websites from which you can buy isotretinoin without a prescription.

These online pharmacies will sell and deliver isotretinoin in varying strengths to many countries, and sometimes, they may even offer free shipping.

No prescription is needed, but these pharmacies will want to do a free preliminary consultation by asking you to fill out a questionnaire. This enables their staff physician to issue a prescription to fulfill your purchase.

The isotretinoin that you buy online is probably the same as what you will get from your dermatologist. However, if you have never used isotretinoin, it would be best to consult your dermatologist first.

This is because during the first four months of treatment, you should be under close supervision by your dermatologist to ensure that the isotretinoin that is prescribed to you is working well for you. From time to time, your dermatologist may also need to adjust the dosage. It is unlikely that an online consultation will be able to provide you with the same level of medical supervision and fine-tuning that you need.

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