The Psychological Effects Of Acne

For anyone who has acne, the psychological effects can be devastating. Doctors and other health professionals now realize that teenagers with acne are the most vulnerable and likely to suffer, as adolescence is a time of significant emotional, physical and social development.

The emotional effects of acne can have profound effects, more so than other skin conditions because it is so visible. A person with acne is highly likely to suffer from a lack of self esteem and confidence at the same time. Doctors and dermatologists now consider clinical depression a serious side effect of acne. Depression does significantly reduce when acne is successfully treated.

There are several aspects which contribute to its psychological and social effects of acne, including the distribution of spots on the skin, age, social pressures and misconceptions. Teenagers tend to be self conscious and sensitive to their acne as it is during their teenage years when they are discovering their own identity and when peer acceptance is very important to them.

Adults with acne may also experience feelings of rejection, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem especially at the workplace. Some acne patients believe that their acne was caused by poor skin hygiene, which in turn lead to feelings of guilt, embarrassment and shame.

The degree of psychological distress varies from individual to individual. It may be difficult for doctors to fully understand your feelings. Therefore be sure to fully discuss with your doctor about your emotions before starting any acne treatment. Your psychological health is important, and may even influence your treatment.

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