Signs Of Psychological Problems Caused By Acne

We should learn to recognize the signs of psychological problems caused by acne. Recognizing these signs and seeking timely treatment will help prevent depression that is caused by acne.

Common Signs Of Psychological Problems Caused By Acne

  • low self esteem or confidence
  • avoiding eye contact
  • girls wanting to wear heavy amounts of make-up to cover up the acne
  • growing long hair so it can hang over the face
  • poor body image
  • anger
  • frustration
  • staying away from or making excuses to aviod swimming or other sports which require you to change in front of others or expose your skin, especially if you suffer from acne on the body
  • being bullied by peers, especially among teenagers who may be quick to mock those with acne by name-calling or exclusion from peer groups
  • relationship difficulties
  • refusing to attend school
  • refusing to to to work
  • taking sick days and jeopardizing employment
  • limiting work choices and avoiding jobs where you need to meet and greet the public, and when image is important
  • depression caused by acne
  • anxiety

Some of these reactions are just part of normal experience. However, if you feel they are causing undue distress or becoming very pronounced, do make an appointment with your doctor to seek early treatment.

Remember, you are not the only person suffering from acne. Acne treatments will and can help in both the way you look and feel. The sooner you treat your acne, the quicker your acne will respond. Once your acne clears, you will find that both your self-esteem and confidence will return.

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