Effective Adult Acne Cures

Cures For Adult AcneThere are many adult acne cures available today. Depending on the type of adult acne you have, you may choose a treatment method, or a combination of cures for adult acne to resolve your acne. To prevent or minimize scarring, consult your doctor or dermatologist and seek treatment early.

Before you see your doctor, it is worth knowing as much as you can about your acne. Here are some things you can do to help you and your doctor to choose the most suitable adult acne cure.

  • Draw up a daily acne log. Counting spots can be difficult, so always start on the same side of the face.
  • Keep a chart on your skin. You may find it changes during the month, or it may be oily in certain areas, such as the T-zone, along the forehead and nose, and dry in others.
  • Identify any other factors that make your acne worse. For example, if you know stress affects your skin and there are reasons for the increase in your stress levels, you can identify a pattern to your acne outbreaks.

With the information you gather, your doctor will advise you which type of acne you have after examining your skin. This way, you will have a better idea which types of adult acne cures are suitable. People who have had adult acne have found the following cures for adult acne effective.

1) Over The Counter Adult Acne Cures

Over-the-counter adult acne cures include topical cures such as washes, gels, solutions, creams and ointments. Common brand names for over-the-counter adult acne cures include Clearasil, Neutrogena Rapid Clear and Neutrogena Clean and Clear.

Most of these over-the-counter adult acne cures will contain one or more of the active ingredients benzoyl peroxide, alpha-hydroxy acids and salicylic acid. Topical treatments can be used even when the acne is clearing up, for a period of time afterwards, to keep the lesions under control.

Which over-the-counter adult acne cure you choose depends on your skin type, the type of acne you have and its severity, as well as your own preference. Washes are quick to use but may be drying. Creams and ointments tend to be more moisturizing, ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Gels and solutions are more suited to oily skin.

A combination of over-the-counter adult acne cures tend to be much more successful in curing adult acne. Ointments may be more suitable for night use since they are heavier. Washes, gels or lotions may be more suitable for day use.

2) Microdermabrasion

During microdermabrasion, a suction tip gently lifts the skin while a fine jet of minute crystals is sprayed across the affected area, using a hand-held instrument which vacuums the loose dead skin. The skin is left softer, and collagen and elastin formation is stimulated.

There is slight stinging during the procedure, but side effects are mild. You may have some redness and mild skin irritation. Microdermabrasion costs about $80 per treatment every four weeks. You can use this method to smooth out imperfections and superficial acne scars.

3) Chemical Peels

Adult acne sufferers tend to have acne not just on the face, but also all over their bodies, especially their chest and back. To combat this problem, a chemical peel is often a good option. During the procedure, acid is applied to the skin in order to accelerate the removal of old dead cells from the skin surface. This promotes new cell growth and can help you clear up adult acne in a matter of weeks.

There are three different levels of peels – superficial, medium and deep. All three require pre-treatment products to be used at home before the peel is applied. The peels can be used on specific areas, such as around the eyes or mouth, as well as over the face and neck. Peels can take anything from a few minutes to over 30 minutes. You can expect to pay at least $60 for a chemical peel treatment every 4 weeks for a series of at least 3-4 treatments.

In conjunction with the cures for adult acne which are outlined above, your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to treat adult acne. Remember to watch your diet too. Eating a minimum of five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, drinking plenty of water and reducing foods high in saturated fat and salt are recommended for healthy skin.

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