Dealing With Depression Caused By Acne And Acne Medication

Dealing with depression from acne and acne medication.There ia a link between depression and acne, as well as acne medication and depression. There are also people who experience depression due to acne scarring as well. It has been estimated that approxmiately 12 percent of people with acne will feel depressed and suicidal.

Depression usually builds up over time. It may take a while before you or someone around you realizes that you are depressed.

If your acne is being treated with isotretinoin or Accutane, there is a chance you may become depressed, a side-effect of this acne medication. If you suspect that your acne medication is making you depressed, see your doctor or dermatologist immediately.

Signs Of Depression

  • loss of appetite
  • moodiness
  • behavioural problems
  • lethargy
  • crying
  • lack of self-confidence
  • reduced quality of life

People suffering from depression may not only spend long hours in their bedroom, they may also withdraw socially from family and friends. Students may suffer at school, their grades may decline, or they may become disinterested in their studies and fall behind in their schoolwork. Adults experiencing depression caused by acne and acne scarring may also find excuses not to attend any social events.

If you have acne, seek treatment early and be sure to attend all follow-up appointments with your doctor to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. If the acne treatment is not working, ask for it to be changed.

Treatment For Depression

There are a variety of medical treatments for depression. You may be prescribed antidepressant tablets, such as Prozac, or counselling, which can help build confidence and self-esteem. Your doctor may also refer you to receive group therapy or join a self-help group.     

How To Deal With Depression

  • Get outdoors every day for fresh air.
  • Take up exercise. Pick a sporting activity which you enjoy, or join an exercise class.
  • Eat a healthy diet to ensure that you get your necessary vitamins and minerals and your essential fatty acids.
  • Take a Vitamin B supplement to increase serotonin levels, which is responsible for mood. Low levels of serotonin are known to cause depression.
  • Have a massage to help you relax.
  • Take up a new hobby which you enjoy.
  • Take St John’s Wort as a natural antidepressant. However, if you are taking any other form of medication, check with your doctor first.
  • Try yoga, Tai Chi or relaxation classes.
  • Make sure you get sufficient sleep every day.
  • Cut back on alcohol and caffeine.
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