Subcision Procedure To Remove Acne Scars

Doctors sometimes use the subcision procedure to treat tethered rolling acne scars. The doctor will first mark the areas on your face where he or she will perform the subcision. Next, your face will be injected with an anesthetic. The doctor will then begin the subcision procedure by inserting a specialized sterile needle with a cutting blade at the tip into the base of the acne scar.

The doctor then cuts the fibrous strands of scar tissue, encouraging collagen fibers to fill the depressed area of the scar and raising the sunken skin to the surface.  There may be a little bleeding. The video below demonstrates how the subcision procedure is done to remove acne scars:

After the procedure, your doctor will apply Polysporin to prevent infection and speed up healing,  followed by band aids to the treated areas. There is little pain, although certain spots may feel a little tender. You may take a painkiller if you feel a slight pain or discomfort.

Subcision Cost

Depending on the number of scars and the extent of scarring, subcision on the face may cost $500 or more.

What To Expect After The Subcision Procedure

There may be some swelling and bruising. Following subcision, the skin is often swollen for three to four days and there can be a lot of deep bruising which may last two weeks or so. However, you can resume your normal cleansing and makeup routine after a day or so.  You may also be given Polysporin to apply on the treated areas.

After the redness has subsided, your doctor may follow up with a acne scar laser treatment such as N-Lite once the redness has subsided.

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