How To Smooth Boxcar And Ice Pick Scars Using Punch Techniques

How To Smooth Ice Pick ScarsIf you have ice pick scars, getting rid of acne ice pick scars using the dermabrasion or laser resurfacing methods will not be effective. You will be better off opting to undergo punch techniques. Punch techniques are most suited for deep acne scarring like ice pick and boxcar scars.

There are three types of punch techniques, all using an instrument called a punch biopsy tool. This tool resembles a pasty cutter. Punch techniques involve the physical removal of the tissue containing the scar and finishing off with either the suture or replacement of the remaining tissue.

How To Smooth Boxcar And Ice Pick Scars With Three Punch Techniques

1) Punch Excision

In a punch excision, the scar is removed using a punch biopsy tool which may vary in width depending on the size of the treatment area, generally between 1.5 mm and 3.5 mm. Local anesthesia is applied to the area and the tool is used to remove the scar and its surrounding edges. After the removal of the scar, the wound is sutured and left to close and heal. The scar produced from treatment will gradually fade.

2) Punch Replacement Or Punch Excision with Skin Grafting

The acne scar is removed using the punch excision method. Instead of suturing, the area is then filled by skin grafting, usually with skin from behind the back of a person’s ear.

3) Punch Elevation

Punch elevation is used mainly on deeper boxcar scars. The walls of the boxcar scars are left intact and just the base of the scars is cut using the same excision technique. Instead of using sutures or skin grafts, the scar tissue is then lifted and reattached to the surrounding level of the skin. This reduces the depth of the scar and minimizes the likelihood of discoloration which may result from different skin being grafted in its place.

Depending on which doctor you go to, as well as the extent of your scarring, the cost of punch techniques may range between $50 and $250 per scar removal. Be sure to budget additional funds as you may be required to undergo additional acne scar removal procedures such as laser treatments after the punch techniques.

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