Dermabrasion To Remove Acne Scars

Dermabrasion To Remove Acne ScarsDermabrasion to remove acne scars involve the removal of the upper and middle layers of the skin through a method of controlled surgical scraping. This way, shallow and nodular scars become less noticeable. The dermabrasion procedure is ideal for removing superficial scars in people with a skin tone ranging from pale white skin to beige or lightly tanned.  Dermabrasion is commonly performed under local anesthesia.

There are two types of dermabrasion – one that requires a motorized tool known as a dermatome, and another which uses a fine wire brush. The dermatome has a spinning metal head, similar to an electric razor. This acne scar treatment promotes healing of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen to plump up the sunken areas of acne scarring.

According to dermabrasion reviews by acne patients, the results are usually long-lasting. The dermabrasion procedure can take up to an hour, and is performed by a surgeon or dermatologist. It may take several weeks before the scabs heal and the redness of the skin has subsided.

Dermabrasion treatment for acne scars can only be used on acne skin that is no longer active. Otherwise infection, inflammation and possible scarring may occur.

Home Dermabrasion For Acne Scars?

Dermabrasion should not be confused with microdermabrasion. There are now home microdermabrasion kits for acne scars, not home dermabrasion kits for acne scars, available each at about a hundred dollars or less. These home microdermabrasion kits for acne scars cannot work on deep acne scarring, which generally require more aggressive treatment. Dermabrasion should best be left to a qualified dermatologist.

Dermabrasion or Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scars – Which Works Better?

Both dermabrasion and laser resurfacing work best for shallow acne scars. Some acne patients may prefer laser resurfacing to dermabrasion as manual dermabrasion is a bloody procedure and is highly dependent on the skill and judgement of the doctor performing the procedure.

Dermabrasion Or Laser Resurfacing For Acne Scar Removal?Laser resurfacing burns off or vaporizes the top layer of skin, and it is generally more precise than mechanical abrasion. Laser resurfacing  can cause the skin to be red or darker for as long as six months, causing long downtime after the procedure. You’ll also need to protect your skin from the sun for at least one year after the laser resurfacing treatment.

The decision to undergo dermabrasion or laser resurfacing for acne scars, or any other treatment for acne scars will depend on your skin tone and skin condition, the extent of your acne scarring, as well as your budget and the downtime that you can afford.  The average doctor’s fees for dermabrasion is about $1000, while laser resurfacing may cost about $2000 for three sessions.

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